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Laboratory Services

bio LAB is a state of the art full service reference laboratory. Under our leadership team we are systematically revolutionizing the world of clinical, pathology and molecular services. At bio LAB we strive each day to provide our clients and patients with the highest quality testing, excellent customer service, advanced technology and innovation available in the laboratory industry.


Genetic Services

bio LAB specialty is genetic services, where bio LAB is dedicated to the principles of excellence and consistency. We provide a comprehensive services menu in genetic tests and genetic counselling. We are devoted to aiding the clinician in early diagnosis and continued disease management for patient assessment and further treatment when necessary

Changing Lifestyle

The lifestyle typically reflects individual attitude, way of life, values and habits. When we think of healthy life style, you might think about various ways to stay healthy from washing your hand to prevent yourself from cancer. The choices you make every day go a long way toward promoting your health. But, the question here, are you in the right track of healthy lifestyle.


Childhood Tests

Since individual symptoms can reflect more than one disorder, this •
tool will give you a range of possibilities and guide you toward next

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  • Welcome to bioLAb e- store. Where you can take a quick tour on most common Genetic Tests . bioLAB offer all it’s Genetic Tests to all GCC countries. 1- Genetic tests. 2- Life Style Tests 3- Genetic Consulting...

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