Genetic Counseling

bio LAB specialty is genetic services, where bio LAB is dedicated to the principles of excellence and consistency. We provide a comprehensive services menu in genetic tests and genetic counselling. We are devoted to aiding the clinician in early diagnosis and continued disease management for patient assessment and further treatment when necessary

Our commitment at bio LAB is on display throughout the full genetic services. The cornerstone of bio LAB is our dynamic Laboratories Information System. The system utilizes process automation, robust interfaces and rules-based technology providing our clients a single, simple outreach solution for remote order entry and results delivery.

bio LAB offer in the Genetic Counseling services the information and the guidance to the patients and the families who have genetic problems like; birth defects or genetic conditions. The services can also help patients and families who may be at risk for genetic conditions that can be passed abnormalities in families (inherited conditions).

  • Genetics Diagnostic Services
    • Molecular Diagnostic Tests
    • Molecular Genetic Test
      • Whole genome Sequencing (WGS)
      • Whole Exom Sequencing (WES)
      • Genes Panel Sequencing (GPS)
      • Single Gene Sequencing (SGS)
    • Cytogenetics tests
      • Karyotyping
      • FISH Study
      • Molecular Cytogenetics
    • Pharmaco-genetics
    • Paternity Test  
    • Prenatal Diagnostic Tests (PND)
      • Invasive Prenatal Test (IPNT)
      • Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)