Laboratory Services

bio LAB is a state of the art full service reference laboratory. Under our leadership team we are systematically revolutionizing the world of clinical, pathology and molecular services. At bio LAB we strive each day to provide our clients and patients with the highest quality testing, excellent customer service, advanced technology and innovation available in the laboratory industry.


The services in bio LAB range from routine testing such as glucose, cholesterol and CBC testing to high complexity testing that assist in diagnosing cancers and other rare diseases in different levels of experiments.

Bio LAB Medical Diagnostic Laboratories
As a Bio Lab laboratories services, we are designed to provide physicians and their patients with the most accurate and diagnostically meaningful results.

Bio LAB diagnostic expertise includes:

A comprehensive chromosome analysis utilizing G-Banding and Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Molecular Genetics
An investigation of the manifestation of genetic disorders that arise from DNA structural differences. This includes diagnostic, carrier and predictive testing.

Molecular Biology
Studying the structure, composition and functional interactions of cellular molecules.

Molecular Pathology
Providing a diagnosis of disease through the examination of the root cause (Genetic and molecular abnormalities)

An extensive range of biochemical investigations to evaluate critical organs and systems.

A broad spectrum tests to provide accurate diagnoses of hormone disorders including: diabetes, thyroid diseases, infertility and growth issues.

The assessment of numerous conditions involving the formation of blood and blood disorders.

The detection of Immune system abnormalities employing Antigens and Antibodies based diagnostic tests.

Immunological tests that investigate the immune system problems as well as the confirmation of organs and tissues compatibility .

Tests that provide detection, identification and enumeration of a variety of microbes that impose risk on human health.

Utilizing a wide range of diagnostic techniques to detect, qualify and quantify viral infections.

Offering genetic cancer predisposition tests and initial cancer detection screening.